Startup Immersion

A 48-hour taste of life as an entrepreneur.


13th - 15th of February


Oxford Launchpad
Said Business School
Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP
An interactive two-day workshop to get a real idea of how to go from idea to business idea. Slightly terrifying but very useful! Ryan Dunwoody, Oxford Student

Startup Immersion is a hands-on experience covering the muddy exploration and hard decisions that founders face when getting their ideas off the ground.

Lean Startup

Covering the why behind ideas like Iteration, Doing Less, Failing Fast and Designing To Learn. To shift towards an accelerated pace, we'll show you how startups think about growth and taking action.

Business Models

The Business Model Canvas is a tool to describe, analyze and design business models visually. Use it to highlight the important parts, and expose alternatives that prevent entrepreneurial tenacity from becoming fatal subbornness.

Customer Development

Turn customer conversations into facts, decisions and action. Customer Development often leaves founders collecting customer opinions which don’t match reality.

Delivered by Startup Experts

The course is taught by serial entrepreneurs with stories to tell and the scars to prove it. It's designed to show you what really matters and help you avoid making costly mistakes. It's focus is on real-life execution and practical tools.


Pre-event Idea Submission

Using our online platform - engage attendees and your local community beforehand, by inviting students, your partners and local businesses to suggest themes for business ideas. Students then submit and discuss their startup ideas based on these themes - voting for their favourite.

Day 1 - Evening (17:00 - 20:00)

  1. Teams form around ideas
  2. "I wish I knew that sooner." - The Marshmallow Challenge
  3. Learn & Confirm: how to have clear learning goals and arrive at your destination
  4. Customer-Need-Solution: how to identify your first customers and the importance of focus
  5. Introduction to Braintrust: peer 2 peer advisory program to overcome relevant problems

Day 2 (10:00 - 17:00)

  1. Business Model Design
  2. The Mom Test: getting actionable info from customer conversations
  3. Your Conversation Arsenal: softball, anchor and deflection questions
  4. Real customer conversations
  5. Braintrust: peer 2 peer advisory program to overcome relevant problems
  6. Pub!

Day 3 (10:00 - 17:00)

  1. Data To Insight: How to make sense and make decisions from customer conversations
  2. Finding and learning from customers online
  3. Braintrust: peer 2 peer advisory program to overcome relevant problems
  4. Introduction to MVPs: desiging real experiments that move your business forward
  5. Beyond Immersion: deciding on and designing your first MVP
  6. Team Presentations: our learning journey
  7. Pub!

What Immersion Covers

You will understand

  • What tools and platforms are useful to save time and create options
  • The actual difficulties faced in a startup
  • What it is like to build your own business

You you know how to

  • Choose a starting point
  • Test and validate your business idea
  • Use this experience on your CV to demonstrate entrepreneurship

Who Is This Course For?

Deciding On A Career Path

Would you like to work for a big company or work for yourself? Do you understand what life will be like if you take the long road and try to make your ideas a reality? We'll give you a real taste of this.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You are already starting or keen to start a business. By the end of Startup Immersion, you'll have moved your idea forward, gained the confidence and new skillset to progress at far greater speed.

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Daniel Betterton

Project Manager, The Shed, Careers Service